3 Reasons Why USB Drives Make Great Wedding Favours

Planning your big day comes with a long to-do list! From picking a wedding venue to everything in between, you’ll also have to figure out the best way to thank your guests for attending your wedding. While you may initially be planning to give out a small gift bag filled with trinkets or an engraved wine glass, you’ll really stand out with a more modern gift idea such as a custom USB. Flash drives are truly a great way to ensure your guests will remember your wedding day for years to come. Here are 3 reasons why flash drives are awesome wedding favours.

1. Fully Customizable to Match Your Wedding Theme

One of the great things about USB drives is that they are fully customizable. You can choose the capacity size, style, color, and the best part of all – an engraved or printed logo that displays your wedding name and date. Whatever wedding theme you may have, there is a flash drive that will most certainly fit right in. For example, if you have a farm styled wedding, you would most likely choose a wooden flash drive. Or, with a modern wedding, you could go with something that’s classy and durable, like the Butterfly styled flash drives I give to my wedding clients.

With customization also comes the ability to display the flash drives in a custom case or packaging. If you choose a metal tin, box, or bag, you can design it to have your wedding information printed clearly on the front. Putting this much effort into customizing the drives shows your guests that you went the extra mile in designing this gift for them and it leaves a lasting impression on them.

2. Upload a Special Video or Playlist

After customizing your flash drives on the outside, you’ll also want to get creative with customizing what you upload onto them. Of course, you won’t be able to upload photos from your wedding unless you send the drives as a thank you after the celebration, so a great idea is making a personalized video of you and your spouse talking about your love story. Or, you might consider a slideshow of photos from your engagement shoot. Maybe even a copy of your wedding day music playlist. The options are endless, but the final decision is up to you.

3. A Lasting Memento

In the past, couples have used CDs as wedding favors, but today, CDs have become obsolete. That’s why USBs make the perfect up-to-date device for giving a memorable digital gift to your guests. USB ports are commonly found on many devices such as computers and televisions so your guests can look back on your wedding favor in the future. Even as the newly married couple, this drive will serve as a reminder of all the love and beauty that came with getting married.



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