5 Tips for Picking The Best “Getting Ready” Space

Many brides and grooms to be spend a lot of time focusing on the big picture of their wedding day and often times they forget some of the small details and decisions that need to be made leading up to it! Questions such as, where will you get ready before you tie the knot? If you want this part of your day photographed, here are some great things to keep in mind when picking your getting ready space. If you keeps these tips in mind, you will ultimately help your photographer get the best shots possible and you definitely will be smiling when you see them!

1. A Clean Area

This is probably the most important aspect of them all. A clean space will let the photographer move around the room and focus on you. It will also make for great photographs. Some photographers will move stuff around for you in order to get the best shot, however, we can only do so much with the time we are given. If the area is just too messy your photographer might not be able to clear up the mess in time for every shot. We know how crazy it can get while you and your bridal party are getting ready in one room, but if you can leave one room for the mess (or one side of the room) and the other nice and clean, we promise you that you won’t regret it!

2. A Bright room

Whether its big windows that let in a lot of natural light or just a lot of bright lights, it will make your photographs look well lit and picturesque. If the photographer has to use additional lights, such as flash, the photographs will have a slightly different look to them. Photographs taken with natural light tend to be the most flattering and natural.

3. Enough space to move around

Please keep in mind that if you have hired both a photographer and videographer for your big day, they will both need room to move around in to ensure that they get different angles of you getting ready. Also please keep space in mind if you have a larger bridal party as it can get really crammed and uncomfortable fairly quickly in a small room. Feeling uncomfortable will often show in your facial features and you will want to look and feel relaxed in your photos/videos.

4. The Walls

Remember that the colour of the walls is the backdrop of your photos, so, keeping it simple or neutral is the best advice we can give you! It will keep the focus on you and it will look good in colour or black and white. If you end up choosing a wall with a fun pattern or some hanging art on it, that later you do not like, it will cost you extra money to have the photographer edit it out or change it. So please be mindful of what your backdrop for the photos will be.

5. A Sentimental room

For some brides and grooms to be, it is a nice touch to do your getting ready photographs in a room that you grew up in. A space that has a lot of history or memories that you and your family hold dearly. Before you commit to this, ask yourself this one question: does it have the aforementioned sentimentality? Will I like having all of my getting ready photos in here, or do i only want some key ones done in this room? If you answered no to the first question, maybe a quick candid portrait or two will be the better option. Ultimately, however, it is up to you – pick the room you like the best!

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