Cute Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen That Photograph Well

Do you want to make your wedding day photogenic and full of personal touches? We have compiled a small list of examples that you could gift to your bridal party opening the door for some fun and memorable shots!

“On your feet” 

For the gents in your bridal party, think about having a matching accessory.  Customized socks with fun patterns or a personalized stitching can go a long way for a photo op. From nick names to favourite foods, you can find these socks in most department stores or you can try some websites like or

For the ladies in your bridal party, asking them to get pedicures in your wedding theme colours can make for a fun detail that could really bring your theme to another level. Cute flip flops for getting ready in the morning and/or for dancing the night away can also be a great idea that will bring comfort in the morning and relief from those heels in the evening. It’s a great way to keep everyone looking festive and coordinated. You can find custom flip flops for weddings on websites such as


Arranging a coffee run for your bridal party or toasting with a glass of bubbly (or something on the rocks) while getting ready can be another great photo opportunity and a thoughtful way to include a gift for your bridal party. Asking your morning coffee barista to personalize each coffee cup with a nickname or your friend’s role for the day always makes everyone smile even more when they get their morning wake-me-up. Similarly, champagne or rock glasses with your bridal party’s names etched into the glass can make for a beautiful keepsake. These morning drinks often turn into some fun photos that you will laugh at and remember for years to come.

“On the rack”

For both your girls and guys, you might want to consider customizing the hanger for their suits and dresses. Whether it’s a DIY hanger or a custom made one, it can really add a personal touch and it is a fun novelty item that is super useful even after the wedding. When your photographer starts shooting detailed shots of the dresses and suits, this little detail always adds a personal touch for yourself and your bridal party in your final photographs. You can find already made personalized hangers like this by searching on websites like Etsy or you can also find DIY instructions on websites like Pinterest.

“What’s in the box?”

Giving your bridal party a small thank you gift that celebrates their personality is a very thoughtful way of appreciating them. It could be a small accessory that they would enjoy, such as, cufflinks or earrings. It could even be tickets for a fun, relaxing outing after the wedding. You might even consider getting a gag gift that turns an inside joke that you share with them into a gift that reminds them of that fun time. Whatever it is, make it personal, wrap it up in a beautiful box, and make it fun! Give it to them on your big day as a thank you for being there for you throughout the entire wedding planning process. It will make for a great photo opportunity and it will add even more special memories to an already memorable day.


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