How To Prep For A Great Engagement Photo Session

Every one wants to have beautiful engagement pictures that they can share with their friends and family before their upcoming big day, here are some things to consider…

Think about the season

Every season has its own pro’s and cons so it is important to weigh out what kind of photos you want as well as the time frame between your engagement photos and your wedding day. Spring has lots great blooming flowers, but also calls for a lot of rain. Summer is great for fun festival photo ops and great weather. However, with great weather comes things like inchworms or moth infestations in parks. Fall brings great colours in the leaves but the time frame is short so it is important to plan accordingly and be flexible with your photographer. Winter can make for beautiful photo opportunities as well. The temperature and possibility of snowfall can also change drastically many times over the season so be prepared for whatever may come. At the end of the day pick a season that makes you feel most comfortable and gives enough time for your photographer to edit and print before the wedding day.

Purpose of your photographs

It is also important to discuss with your photographer what you will be using your engagement photos for. The photographer can include a variety of design principles that will enhance your photos for items such as invitations, thank you cards, a guest book, table numbers, slide shows, etc. If you have a theme picked out for your wedding you might want to incorporate it into your engagement session. Making a checklist with your photographer about any of these things will make sure that nothing goes missed during the photo shoot!

engagement photo session

Picking an outfit

Based on your location and the season, picking an outfit or outfits is something that can really bring your photographs to the next level. The most important thing is that you and your fiancé are both wearing something that makes you comfortable and confident! This will reflect in the photographs and you will be happy to share them with your family and friends. Keeping it simple is always great – neutral colours like black, white, or denim always look great in photographs. A tasteful pop of colour on top of neutrals really grabs the eye. Or you may want to incorporate something sentimental from your wardrobe like matching school sweaters, for example. This can really bring a fun and personal element to the photoshoot. Depending on your plan for your engagement session with the photographer, it is also a good suggestion to consider bringing one “dress up” outfit and one “dress down” outfit for variety in your final photos.

Research your Location

Some popular photo locations require a permit so it is important to do some research or ask your photographer what the protocols are if you have a specific place in mind. Also if you are planning on getting your photos done outside and you have planned everything around the weather, make sure to consider an indoor option plan or a “plan B” style just in case Mother Nature decides that your photoshoot day is going to be a snowstorm/rainstorm day. You can also discuss your options about rescheduling with your photographer.

engagement photo session


Remember, that this is a great time to get to know your potential wedding day photographer and get more comfortable in front of the camera. Leave some room to try something new that you may have seen on Pinterest or even bring some fun props that you can include in your photos. Never be afraid to look too “cheesy” or “nerdy”, just have fun with it and your photographer will thank you later!

engagement photo session


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