7 Photos You Have to Take of Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. If you are like most brides, you will spend a lot of time researching your options in wedding dresses, calculating costs, and visiting shops. The final decision is often made after much deliberation. Despite all this effort, your wedding dress will most likely be used just once. However, the good news is that you can immortalize your beautiful wedding dress forever in your wedding photographs. Beautiful shots of your wedding gown will be perfect reminders of the dress you carefully chose in the years to come.

The bridal experts at Best for Bride (http://www.bestforbride.com) from Canada bring us this list of must-have photos of your wedding gown. Take a look!

1. Gown on the hanger

This is an iconic photo that represents your special day. The picture of a pristine white gown on the hanger symbolizes the simplicity and calmness that precedes the busy day ahead. This image of your gown on the hanger also captures the splendor of the dress and it is a perfect introduction to the bridal photos that follow. For best results, choose the photo location with care. Find a place that is well-lit, preferably with a window through which natural light streams in. Also, make sure your dress is on a pretty hanger and the surrounding area is neat and clean.

2. Stepping into the gown

You must ask your photographer to capture photos of you while you get ready. Your bridesmaids should also be available at this time to help you get into your gown and add the finishing touches. Bridal parties usually have a lot of fun as they help the bride get ready by zipping her up, setting up the skirt, and helping with the veil. Ask your photographer to capture all this action. Include your bridesmaids and family in your getting ready shots and it will help you relive the excitement of getting ready on your special day through your wedding photography.

3. The finishing touches

Putting on your dress is usually one of the last things you do when you get ready. The back of your gown will most likely be a corset, or have buttons, or a zipper. Include these details of your dressing in your photographs as these detail actions photographs are usually very beautiful. Ask your mother or a bridesmaid to help you and have a close-up shot of this in your album. If your dress includes beautiful details, like a long button train, lace embellishments, or illusion details in the back, your photographer can highlight them in this type of shot.

4. Photo of the skirt and train

If your wedding dress features an impressive train or a beautiful skirt, highlight this detail in a photograph. A dramatic train should be fanned out and shot from the side or photographed from behind to capture the full effect. For a full gown, show it off in a seated pose with the skirt piled up around you. Seated poses are also the best to show off ruffled skirts and details in the hemline. For a statement picture of a dramatic train, have the image taken from above so it captures the full impact of the skirt.

5. Full-length photo

Make all the effort you put into your bridal look matter by having a full-size bridal portrait shot. Include your bouquet and veil, and choose a scenic setting to capture this picture. Natural lighting is the most flattering for this type of shot. So, have this photo taken outdoors or in a room bathed in sunlight. Have your portraits taken from the front and side-angles to ensure that every detail is included.

6. Photo from the back

You will face away from your guests during your vows and when you dance. They will also be facing your back when you walk away after the ceremony. This is why many modern wedding dresses have captivating back details like illusion panels, keyhole details, low-cut backs, and embellishments. It ensures that the bride looks beautiful from every angle and not just from the front. If your dress has something like this, do not forget to have a picture that shows off the details of the back of your gown. A picture of you walking away from the camera can be very striking. This picture will also draw attention to your hairstyle from the back – therefore, it is a must-have picture! Visit this post on the Modern Bride for stunning examples of dresses with fantastic back details.

7. Above-the-waist shot

Make sure you take a photograph that draws attention to the neckline of your dress. Details in the bodice and the sleeves of your bridal gown will look fantastic with a close-up shot. This picture will also highlight your jewelry. If you include your bouquet in this shot, hold it at an angle or have a side-shot taken. This will ensure that details like beautiful embellishments, a decorated waistband, or a gathered waistline isn’t hidden by your flowers.

Make sure your photographer takes the time to capture your wedding dress in all it’s glory. You picked it for it’s uniqueness and special details and this is why it is important to make the most of it all!

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