How long will it take to receive my wedding pictures/video?

Photo turn around is about 90 business days, as per the signed contract. We try to get everything done as fast as possible for everyone – as you can imagine, wedding season is a busy time for us so we are in full working mode trying to get everything ready for all our couples. To be fair, we edit weddings in order of occurrence. We try to get through everything as fast as possible for everyone without sacrificing quality. We know that you are eager to see the final package and we ask that you be patient – it will be worth it!There is a high chance that your photos will be ready before the 90 days, however, we do not guarantee anything until we know for sure, so, we often tell clients that you might get an early surprise!

Can you rush my photo/video processing?

Yes! We do offer rush processing for an additional fee, however, depending on the time of the year this fee can vary.

How will I get my wedding photos/video?

What makes us different from other Toronto wedding photographers, or most photographers alike is that our number one priority is our personal approach to every client. At KS Studios, we really try to add a personal touch to all of our final products. Once your wedding photographs/videos are complete, we will contact you to arrange delivery of your package to your address either in pierson or by priority mailing. You will receive a beautiful gift box that contains a branded KS Studios USB stick that has all of your high-resolution digital negative photo files, your videography discs in a special case, chocolate for when you sit down to look at your photographs/video, and a small gift from KS Studios to say thank you for choosing us to capture your vision!

Once I get my photographs, what next?

When we deliver your photographs to you, we will inform you of any steps you need to take next. Depending on what was included in the package you purchased, you may need to select images for prints or for an album, for instance. If that is the case, we will let you know how many to choose, for your specific order, and then you will have to email us the image numbers and we can go from there. If the package you purchased did not include any prints or albums, you can still order some after the fact – just let us know!

Do you have backup gear in case something drops or breaks?

All of teams come with an extra set of gear to ensure that no matter what happens, we will be able to capture your day without any problems.

What kind of gear do the shooters use?

All of our shooters use professional level gear. Whether it is Nikon or Cannon, all of our gear is of the highest quality and the leading gear in the industry.

Is your staff professionally trained or self taught?

All of our photographers and videographers are professionally trained in the art of photography or videography. We require a post secondary level of certification for all of our staff. We do no hire hobbyists.

What does “all high resolution digital negative files” mean/do we get all of the photos you take?

All high resolution digital negative files means that we give you all of the photos that we take, short of the ones that may not have turned out because of it being a test shot or someone blinking, for example. A high resolution digital negative file comes in .jpeg format and is the closest file to RAW that you can possibly get without having to deal with all of the RAW processing. We find the high resolution .jpeg files are easier for our clients to use.

Can I get my RAW photo files or RAW video files?

Yes you can. We charge a processing fee of $200 for both photo and video RAW files.

What does “creatively edited” mean?

These are the photographs that we edit more creatively in Photoshop. You can select these images on personal preference or you can leave it up to our editing team to pick the best ones. Edits on these images include, but are not limited to, black and white conversion, skin airbrushing, background edits, etc.

Once you deliver my photos/video do you delete the files?

No. We archive all of our client’s photo/video files. This ensures that you can always come back to us for prints, albums, a second set of files, or anything else you need!

Do you charge travel fees?

We do not charge a travel fee for any locations within approximately 100KM of Toronto ON or within approximately 100KM of Newmarket ON. Travel fees outside of these areas are based on the location and travel time. If you are not sure about your location please ask and we would be more than happy to let you know if there is a charge and what it would be.

What is the payment structure?

We require a 35% deposit on signing to book and secure your date and the staff required for your date. The remaining balance is due the day of the wedding or you can prepay it beforehand if you do not want to worry about it the day off.

Can we add extra time the day of?

Yes! The staff is booked for your day and if you need extra time we are more than happy to stay. If extra time is added the day of, payment for that time will be due the day of.

Can we upgrade our package after we book?

You can always make changes to your package after booking. We are flexible and understand that things change while planning. If you want to change your purchase, we will send you a new contract with whatever changes you’ve made updated.

Do your photos have watermarks?

No. We do not watermark any of the photos that you receive in your package.

Have you shot at our venue?

Most likely, we have, however, if we have not, we would be more than happy to do a location scouting before your event date.

How do you handle low light situations?

All of our staff is equipped with the proper gear to deal with any lighting situation. Whether we need to add lights or simply use a flash, we are prepared for any given situation.

Can we give you a shot list?

Of course! We actually encourage our clients to send us images they like so that we can try and cater to their likes. If you have a Pintrest page send over a link! We also recommend providing us with a family shot list for family portraits to ensure we don’t miss any groupings that are important to you. It also makes it easier for us to call out specific family members during the family portrait time.

What happens if our photographer/videographer is unable to shoot for any given reason?

We always have backup teams for any given day in case something happens to any of our staff. This ensures that we will always be able to send the proper amount of staff to coverage your contract requirements.

What is your photography style?

Our company’s style can be described as candid and photojournalistic. Our editing style is vibrant and true to colour. All of our shooters and editors shoot and edit in a similar style to ensure consistency across the teams.

What if we want you to shoot in a different style?

Many of our shooters are trained to shoot in different styles and because of this, we are more than happy to cater our work to your likes and desires. Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for and we can let you know if it is something we can do!

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. We are fully covered.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major forms of payment: cash, credit card, and email money transfer.

Do you offer off-season discounts?

During the months of December-February we offer an off-season discount that can vary depending on the services you are booking.

If we book multiple services do we receive a discount?

Yes! If you book both photography and videography we will give you a discount on making a combo of two packages. Similarly, if you add additional services to your chosen packages, you will receive a discount for adding the services on. Please contact us for more information on the specific services you are looking at.

We have a budget, is there anything you can do?

We are always more than happy to try and work with any budget. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your budget and what you would like to book. We try to be as flexible as possible and help out in any way that we can!

If we cancel, can we have our deposit back?

Our deposits are non-refundable. The deposits are used to secure the staff for your day as well as book off the date in our calendars.

If we change our date after we book with you will you still be able to shoot and if not, can we have our deposit back?

Any date changes made are subject to availability. Deposits are transferable to a new date within the same year of the original date. If you are changing your date to another calendar year, your deposit is transferrable, however, the difference in pricing for the new year must be paid at the time of rebooking. If we are not able to shoot for your new date, the deposit is not refundable – all deposits are non-refundable.