5 Things You Can do to Help Your Wedding Photographer Capture Your Wedding in an Amazing Way!

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At KS Studios, we know that the excitement of your wedding day will be over before you know it. Fortunately, your wedding album will serve as a lasting reminder of the beautiful moments of this special day. A professional photographer understands how special this day is, and will be able to capture it beautifully in his/her pictures. Nevertheless, there are few things that you can do too, to help your photographer do an even-better job.

Best for Bride, Canada’s premier bridal destination, has the following tips for prospective brides and grooms to ensure their wedding photographs are as good as they can possibly be.

1. Discuss your must-haves in advance.
You may have certain expectations for how your photos should look or what it should include. Don’t assume that your photographer will naturally know this. Discuss all relevant details in advance and he/she can make sure he/she captures it. You can make a shoot list of must-haves, so nothing important is overlooked.

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 2. Tell him/her about the special little-things.
Your album will appeal more to you, when it includes the special little things that you are fond of. This could be details like a special feature on your wedding dress, an heirloom that you wear on the day or special moments like your parents’ expression when they see you in your wedding dress. Tell your photographer what you are particularly fond of, so he/she can capture these personal things.

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 3. Assign a bridesmaid or groomsman to assist with group shots.
Although you can give your photographer a list of who should be in which pictures, gathering them may not be an easy task for him/her unless he/she knows who they are. Choose a bridesmaid or groomsman who is familiar with the guests at your wedding, to help him/her with this. They can help him/her identify who is who, and gather the right people for each photograph, so the sessions progress smoothly.

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4. Plan a relaxed schedule for your photos
Your wedding day will be a frenzy of activity. Nevertheless, plan it well so you have enough time for your photos. You should be able to relax and enjoy each photo session, so it turns out well. Discuss with your photographer and come up with a realistic plan for the number of shot locations and how much time will be required for each set of pictures. Plan your day accordingly.

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5. Prepare in advance
Prepare for your wedding day photography by practicing your poses in front of a mirror. Although many of your pictures will not be posed, you can plan for ones that will be. Practice smiling, so it looks natural in front of the camera. Identify your best poses and practice them, so you can automatically default to position during your photo shoot. Booking an engagement photo session can also really help with preparing for those intimate and candid moments on the big day!

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