The Different Wedding Photography Styles You Should Know About

Just like with wedding dresses and themes, there are different styles of wedding photography. Every photographer has a different way of shooting and a different sense of creativity. It is important that you research the different types of wedding photography and identify the photography style that best suits your taste. This will ensure that your wedding can be captured in the way that you want to remember it and that you will love the wedding photos you receive from your photographer.

The wedding experts at Best for Bride, Canada’s leading bridal dress chain, have joined with us to bring you a list of the most popular wedding photography styles for engaged couples to explore and choose from.

Traditional photography

This is the style of photography that you will see in your parents’ or even grandparents’ albums. The photos are carefully posed portraits with the focus being on your posture and expression. If you are choosing a photographer in this style, you should know that your photos will be pretty similar to that of the other pictures in your photographer’s portfolio. Every photo opportunity will be directed by the photographer and the resulting images will be formal, organized, and clean. Nowadays, traditional photographers try to tone down the rigidity of this style and incorporate different lighting effects and posing styles to make the pictures more a bit more interesting.

Modern photography

Here again, the shots are posed and call for the photographer’s involvement to a great extent. However, the focus in this style is on capturing high quality, visually interesting images. Stunning backdrops, fashionable poses, and unique lighting effects are employed to add a dramatic edge to the pictures. This style is very much an editorial style of photography that derives its inspiration from glamorous fashion shoots. The photographer often edits and adds extra effects after the shoot, to improve its visual impact.

Documentary style photography

This is perhaps the most natural type of photography coverage a wedding can have. Here, the photographer captures events as they occur. The pictures are spontaneous and taken in an unobtrusive manner. Also known as photojournalism, this style of photography is perfect for couples who aren’t fond of posing and prefer to have their personalities and candid expressions shine through in their wedding pictures. The quality and content of the photos will greatly depend on the talent and skill of the photographer. Nevertheless, this style is the best for capturing the real atmosphere of your wedding day and including all of the emotional and atmospheric details that you want to remember.

Fine-art photography

Fine-art photography is best defined as photographs that look like stand-alone pieces of art. Each picture is stunning and unique. The techniques and angles at which these pictures are shot may seem unusual to the untrained eye. In order to achieve this style, the photographer will go to great lengths to get the shot, doing everything from bringing in extravagant lighting equipment to climbing a up the side of a building. The photographer usually subjects the photos to extensive post-processing using photo editing software to enhance the quality and make them stand out as pieces of art. When handled by a talented photographer, fine-art photography yields results that are simply astounding.

To sum it all up, if you are in search of a wedding photographer and have been looking up wedding photo samples online, you probably have a little bit of an idea of what you are looking for. You might like one style specifically or you might want a combination of two or three styles. Some photographers are really great at one style and others are trained in more than one. It is extremely important that you research the photographers you are interested in and that you meet with them to get a sense of their portfolio, level of professionalism, and personality. At the end of the day, your photographer is with you for the majority of your wedding day and they are responsible for capturing all of those special memories. Make sure you go with someone whom you feel comfortable around and whose portfolio and work you feel you like the most. After it is all said and done, your photographs will be one of your main ways to relive one of the best days of your lives!

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