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On your wedding day there are countless things that you need to remember to do and sometimes things happen that are out of your control. If it is your first time getting married or even your second, there are somethings that you may not know how to do or how to fix. It is in these moments that you should rely on the people around you who have “been there and seen that”. You’d be surprised how many things photographers witness over the years – after all, this is probably not their first rodeo!


A good photographer has a great understanding of light and space. It is always nice to give your photographer an opportunity to have an option of what rooms they can use to shoot the details of your getting ready. When photographers shoot, they keep in mind the background of the photo and what the final images will look like as a whole. To help your photographer, let them move things around to make the room look more appealing in your photos. We promise we will move it back when we are finished!


If there is a wardrobe mishap with your dress or suit let us help you through it. We have seen countless types of outfits and boutineers over the years and we can probably help solve the issues stress free. Don’t be afraid to ask us to put down our camera and help!


We will speak with the person conducting your marriage ceremony about any rules they have for us while we shoot. This will ensure that we don’t upset your officiant in any way and that the ceremony goes smoothly. So, don’t worry about us, just enjoy the moment with your future wife/husband and all of your invited guests!


If you provide us with a list of family members that you want us to capture with you during your wedding day we will make sure it gets done during your family portrait time. If some family members are missing during the allotted time for photos we will do our best to take their photo with you throughout the night. Having a list helps us to keep track of what family photo combination we have already done and what still needs to be done.


Leave it to us to go through a variety of poses with you and your bridal party. If there is something you really want to try and do for a photo, we will also give you the opportunity to do some fun poses of your choice. Usually during this time there is a critical time crunch for you to make it back to your reception so please try to stay focused and let us work our magic so you can get back to having fun with your guests.


By this time every one ready to eat, drink and dance the night away and we are ready to capture it. We will be communicating with you and the other vendors throughout the night to capture any speeches, special dances, cake cutting, and special performances. We only ask that you respect our time and communicate if you want us to stay longer to stick around to capture more of your night. Otherwise, just enjoy the party!


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