10 Things to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding

Are you up for the challenge of planning a destination wedding? Wherever in the world you choose to get hitched, there are logistics to consider and difficult decisions to be made. Make planning a wedding away from home easier with these ten tips.

Consider The Weather

You can plan as meticulously as you like, but you can’t control the weather. For summer weddings, a wool three-piece suit and princess gown may not be the best options. You want to be as comfortable as possible on your big day so you definitely want take the temperature of your location into consideration.

For example, you can keep warm with a shawl in colder climates or stay cool with thin linen materials in hot climates. Another idea is getting matching leather jackets with your bridesmaids or matching fedora hats for your groomsmen. Keep in mind that the train of your dress may get dirty at an outdoor wedding so you may, or may not, want one. Also, consider your shoe choice for beach weddings versus grassy outdoor areas.

Book an All-inclusive Resort

Getting married at an all-inclusive resort will make your life a whole lot easier. After all the wedding planning you’ve done, having everything right at your doorstep will be just what you need.

Your guests will also appreciate the facilities they offer. Restaurants, bars, a swimming pool, airport transfers, and a tour desk right at your doorstep. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Find a Great Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers showcase different styles of photography. You’ll have these photos for the rest of your life, so it’s important to choose one with your style preference.

Many wedding photographers will travel to shoot a wedding. You will be expected to cover their accommodation, flights, and transport on top of their editing fees. Be sure to allow room for this in your budget.

Send Invites in Advance

Give your guests sufficient notice so they can plan their trip and budget accordingly. Generally, 8-12 months is considered appropriate for a destination wedding.

Accept that attending a wedding overseas may not be possible for everyone. Consider setting up a live stream so those who cannot attend can still be a part of your day.

Choose Local Suppliers

Choosing locals suppliers will not only save you money, but they will also take away the stress of transporting your goods overseas.

For flowers, consider the destination and the season. While olive trees and bluebells suit Tuscan summer weddings, tropical islands are abundant in frangipani and hibiscus.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners work wonders. Destination weddings call for a lot of planning and with that comes a lot of stress. They’ll lift the weight off your shoulders and scout out the best vendors for you.

Look for a wedding planner who specialises in destination weddings. They’ll know the tricks of the trade including overcoming a language barrier or planning location logistics.

Visit The Location in Advance

Always check out the location before you book. It’s difficult to visualize whether the space will work for you without having visited.

A general rule of thumb is to view the venue before booking, then again before the wedding. If this is not feasible, set up video calls with the venue and your vendors. Alternatively, you can arrive a week earlier to inspect the venue.

Meet With Potential Vendors

When you make a trip to visit the venue, you should also plan to meet potential vendors. Visit caterers, florists, officiants, and don’t forget to do some cake tasting!

Research Local Wedding Requirements

Legal wedding requirements differ from country to country. Research carefully and prepare your required documentation well in advance. A certificate of no impediment, expression of marriage intent in the newspaper, or a blood test may be necessary. You may also be required to reside in your destination country for a period leading up to the wedding.

Keep in mind a translator will be necessary for the ceremony if you do not speak the language of the country in which you choose to tie the knot.

Have a Plan B

Always have a ‘Plan B’. You’ll never regret good preparation! A wet weather alternative for an outdoor wedding is an absolute must.

Bring flat shoes, an umbrella, a first aid kit, and some tissues for any just-in-case moments. Have back-up contacts for a florist, tailor, taxi, photographer, officiant, and baker.

At the end of the it all, you want to make sure you cross your t’s and dot your i’s so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. You want to be able to look back on your destination wedding and say “Wow! That was the best day ever!”.

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