toronto wedding venueOver the years of doing wedding photography and videography, we have been photographing weddings in different wedding venues across the GTA. Nothing sets better the mood for your big day as the venue. When you feel right and enjoy the setting, everything seems to go effortlessly smooth. And of course, it becomes the part of your family story – the magic setting where you said: “I do”.

But how much can you tell when you are touring the venue before the wedding to make the right choice? Of course, your dream venue should meet these criteria:   

  • The budget
  • The style
  • The staff
  • Convenience (location, parking, transportation, proximity to the hotels)
  • The feel (grand, secluded, crowded, or simplistic)

By now, we know all the advantages, along with the challenges, of the most popular spots for wedding ceremonies, from the professional side. Some places look great but photograph not that well (because of very little light or layout issues) and some places might not have that appeal initially but have the right feel and capture great in pictures and video. On our part, we always do our best to bring the right equipment to ensure the best coverage possible.   

So, how do you pick the perfect spot for your wedding? Here are some insights on what to expect in each place:

1.Casa Loma (1 Austin Terrace, Toronto Ontario,  M5R 1X8):

Casa loma wedding in torontoLocated on a picturesque hill and surrounded by beautiful gardens, the architecture of Casa Loma suggests romance. Its beautiful conservatory offers that light and airy atmosphere that will enhance the memories of your special day. Planning a wedding at this venue can be a bit challenging, as it Casa Loma does not close its doors during busy weekends to tourists, so, once you step outside the conservatory, you will find that the corridor can be a bit crowded. In the warm seasons of the year you will have the benefits of the garden grounds that you can use for your wedding portraits, but if the weather is bad, or if your wedding is in the colder season, this beautiful place feels a bit tight and dark.   


2.The Paletta Mansion (4250 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 1A6):

A little bit of a drive from Toronto, but you will have an advantage of 14-acre waterfront property with manicured gardens, beautifully structured terraces, the jewel of a mansion at its heart, and yes, of course, the magnificent view of the lake! It offers truly an unforgettable luxury experience that you will cherish with your memories of your wedding day.

3.Evergreen Brickworks (550 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8):

wedding photography at brickworks and distillery districtOnce the site of a brick factory, this unique space is now a great example of a multifunctional repurposed space. What used to be a brick production line now is a dramatic setting for galas, events, and, of course, weddings. This wonderful open space, with its tall ceilings, and only a touch of decorating, turns it into a whimsical and very unique space.    

4.The Distillery District (The district between Cherry St., Parliament St, Mill Street & Gardiner Downtown Toronto):

Once you walk among the historic brick buildings, on the stone-paved streets of the Distillery District, you feel like you are traveling back in time at least a century. Although the buildings in the area are industrial and were once a part of Gooderham and Worts Whiskey Distillery, they are full of charm, character, and create a lot of opportunities for beautiful photography and videography. It offers a great variety of cafes and restaurants and art galleries to choose from for the reception.

5.Black Creek Pioneer Village (1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3):

If you are an incurable romantic who loves country scenes with century-old wooden houses and blooming fruit trees leaning over the fences, this is definitely the place for you! You can set up your wedding ceremony on the lawn in front of a cute and tiny historic town hall building and you and your guests will feel miles away in the country while still enjoying the convenience of a subway nearby.

6.The Doctor’s House (21 Nashville Rd, Kleinburg, ON L0J 1C0):

wedding at Doctor's houseAnother beautiful spot to get away from it all and get that incredibly warm and romantic feeling in the heart of a historic little town just outside of Toronto. This beautiful white wooden house dates back to 1867. It was once the home of a succession of generations of doctors. The beautifully landscaped grounds together with the charming house are a perfect setting for a wedding filled with romance and charm.

7.The Heintzman house (135 Bay Thorn Dr, Thornhill, ON L3T 3V1):

It is an incredible feeling to have a mansion to yourself for the wedding day. At this historic building, you will feel at home. It has everything you would need for a great wedding. From a beautiful lawn for the ceremony (which can be easily moved indoors in case of bad weather), to a beautiful staircase, a mirror filled “her” room, a great balcony overlooking the grounds, and even a carriage (if you wanted to arrive in style), this venue was designed for a fairytale love story.

8.The Omni King Edward Hotel (37 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1E9)

This is simply a magnificent setting for a wedding. The hotel offers impressive ballrooms accommodating up to 300 people and a very romantic ambiance. The big advantage of this venue is that it offers the convenience and luxury of a downtown Toronto hotel.  The intricate stucco detailing the architecture of the rooms will accentuate the beauty of your classic wedding dress.

9.Graydon Hall Manor (185 Graydon Hall Drive M3A 3B4 Toronto):

toronto wedding photography This is truly one of the best-kept secrets in Toronto when it comes to wedding venues. It offers a perfect combination of style, privacy, and luxury. In addition, the site is filled with manicured gardens that have stunning layouts inspired by the gardens of Versaille. It does come with a higher price tag but it is worth it! This wedding venue truly offers a magnificent experience.   

10.The Hart House (7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3)

The unique history of Hart House at the University of Toronto is truly a beautiful setting for a wedding reception. The historic building offers many possibilities when it comes to the ceremony – with both indoor and outdoor options. It is such a special place, even if the couple has not met at The University of Toronto. The neo-gothic architecture offers a great variety of spots for portraits and wedding photos. Even if your wedding ceremony is somewhere at a different location, this is a beautiful spot for wedding pictures.

No matter what wedding venue you choose for your wedding day, we always do our best to capture the spirit of the day. Each of these special places calls for truly creative coverage that will tell the beautiful story of the day as it unfolds. We will always have the right equipment and team to preserve the fabulous moments of your special day.

Contact us to discuss the details of your wedding and to book a great team of experienced photographers and videographers.

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