Things Your Photographer Can Do For You

On your wedding day there are countless things that you need to remember to do and sometimes things happen that are out of your control. If it is your first time getting married or even your second, there are somethings that you may not know how to do or how to fix. It is in these moments that you should rely on the people around you who have “been there and seen that”. You’d be surprised how many things photographers witness over the years – after all, this is probably not their first rodeo! This blog is all about the things that your photographer could do for you on your big day…

A Guide to Preparing for Your Bridal Portraits

Scheduling a day with your photographer to do your bridal portraits gives you the perfect opportunity to prepare for your actual wedding day look or to changeup your look on another day. Bridal portraits is when your wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom in all their wedding finery on a day other than the wedding. It is usually the result of some of the best looking wedding pictures…

How To Prep For A Great Engagement Photo Session

engagement photo session

How To Prep For A Great Engagement Photo Session Every one wants to have beautiful engagement pictures that they can share with their friends and family before their upcoming big day, here are some things to consider… Think about the season Every season has its own pro’s and cons so it is important to weigh out…

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What Goes Into Professional Photographer Charges?

professional photographer toronto

What Goes Into Professional Photographer Charges? Whether you’re in need of a professional photographer for event photos or wedding videos, you may take one look at the price tag and get a bit of sticker shock. However, there are many things that go into the final cost of a photographer. Once you understand exactly why…

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Tips To Plan A Photogenic Wedding

Wedding photography for memorable moments

Tips To Plan A Photogenic Wedding Your wedding photos are records of your wedding day for the future. However, these photographs are not just about documenting the events of the day; they should also capture the happiness and special moments of the day in the best way possible. Planning a photogenic wedding is easy, when you…

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Valentine’s Day Boudoir Special

Boudoir Photography

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Special Our 2016 Valentine’s Day Boudoir Special is here! Whether you are looking to get something a little different for that special someone, or if you want to explore your body and do something unique and memorable for yourself, or even if you have done it before and you just want to do…

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KS Studios’ New Year Surprise

KS Studios' New Year Surprise

KS Studios’ New Year Surprise We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a very happy start to the new year! The KS Studios team has been very busy putting together some new and exciting things for the coming months. From designing new products to signing new contracts, this new year has already…

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