10 Types of Shots You Will Want on Your Photo List

Not everyone always has the same opinion on what is an important photograph. In the same way, every photographer has their own opinion or focus as well. It is important to voice to your photographer what you would like captured on your special day. Here are some ideas that our past clients have always loved and you might too!

1- Your Accessories:

Whatever you are wearing that day deserves its own close up! From your jewelry to your shoes, having close ups of each item, and a combination of all of them will be a great memorable photograph.

2- Your Flowers:

If its a bouquet or boutonnieres, having a close up shot of the flowers you had for your wedding will keep your memory of them fresh in the photograph for years after the big day! It will also showcase how your flowers play into your wedding theme.

3- Your Rings:

Having a close up of your wedding bands (with a combination of your engagement ring in it being optional) is one of the MOST beautiful detail shots you can have in your wedding photo album.

4- Ceremony details:

Did you add anything special in the place where you will be walking down the isle? You will probably want to have a photograph of those details it in the images you will get that day!

5- First kiss:

Your first kiss as a married couple deserves its own close up! Enough said.

6- Reception Details:

From the centrepieces to your custom cocktails, these details are all featured as your guests walk in and they are all likely something you and your bridal party put a lot of work into! You will want to remember those details forever!

7- Meal:

You have most likely customized your food for your wedding day from the appetizers to your main dish. Its nice to include images of your dishes so each one will have their own feature photograph.

8- Cake:

Your delicious cake deserves its own picture! Word of advice: pick a cute cake topper that speaks to you!

9-  Reaction Candids:

Beautiful close up photographs of your guests smiling, crying, and laughing at videos or speeches during your reception will have a memorable outlook on how your wedding went down for many years to come.

10- Midnight table:

If you have a great and fun midnight table planned for your guests some of the last photographs of the night will showcase the amazing munchies you and your guests can indulge in after dancing the night away!

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