A guide to preparing for your Bridal Portraits 

Scheduling a day with your photographer to do your bridal portraits gives you the perfect opportunity to prepare for your actual wedding day look or to changeup your look on another day. Bridal portraits is when your wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom in all their wedding finery on a day other than the wedding. It is usually the result of some of the best looking wedding pictures. Don’t get us wrong, you can have your portrait shoot on your actual wedding day, however, it can be hectic and it may not allow you to enjoy the experience as much. So, photographers offer to schedule bridal portraits on another day either before or after the wedding. Not only does this help your photographer get some better pictures, it also gives you enough time to consider changes in your look if you aren’t fully satisfied with what your planned bridal look is or was.
Best for Bride, Canada’s bridal dress store and wedding services provider, has the following suggestions for a guide to preparing for our bridal portraits!

Complete your bridal dress & Suit fittings before the portrait shoots

If you are doing your bridal portraits before the wedding, you cannot have bridal portraits without a wedding dress and/or suit. Ensure that your dress and/or suit are delivered and alterations are done prior to the photo session. Accept that your dress or suit might become a little dirty after the shoot, however, you should have enough time to spot clean and steam it, so it looks great for the wedding. If you are booking your bridal portraits after your wedding day, make sure to steam and touch up any spots on your outfit so that it is looking it’s best for the photo session.

Have a professional hairstylist and makeup artist dress you

Before the wedding, you can use your bridal portrait session as the opportunity to do your trial hair and makeup for your actual wedding day. When you get your pictures, you can decide if you want any changes to your makeup or hairstyle. If you love the photos, then you know you’ve made the right choice for the wedding day! You can also recognize if your dress needs further tweaks and adjustments or if your accessories go well with the dress. If you didn’t like something on your wedding day, doing your bridal portraits after the wedding can allow you to make some changes in your hair and makeup or accessories. It can also allow you to bring in some fun props or accessories to use in the photos.

Choose the right location

The backdrop you choose will determine whether your photos look casual or formal. A talented photographer will be able to take a winning portrait anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Nonetheless, we recommend locations with plenty of natural lighting for stunning photos. Use this opportunity to shoot in a beautiful location, such as a lush garden or a magnificently luxurious room, so your photos are truly spectacular.

Relax and enjoy yourself

Bridal portraits do not have to be complicated. They can be shot in any location and with minimum fuss so there is no need to be stressed out. Relax and try to enjoy the experience. Follow your photographer’s cues and just have fun. If you are anxious to face the camera, take a friend to cheer you along. Tell your photographer if you aren’t comfortable in any of the suggested poses or if you would like to try something different. Loosen up, laugh and involve yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – the results will be brilliant!

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