Tips for Pulling off DIY Elements for Your Wedding

 You know what the rhyme says: for a wedding to be truly complete, you need something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – but what about something that’s been made by you?

Adding DIY elements to your wedding is a way to make the day truly personal to you and your partner. But just how do you pull off DIY on the most important day of both of your lives? Check out our top tips below.

Allow Yourself Adequate Time

Before you get started, it’s important to realise that DIYing your wedding – or even just some elements of it – calls for proper research and time. Whereas you might be able to buy a wedding dress with a flash of your credit card, the time involved in making one from scratch has the potential to blow out your timetable for another few months.

The trade off involved when you DIY rather than store-buy, though, is that all the time and effort you put in will culminate in a wedding that’s truly yours. Nothing beats that!


Every couple has a different set of priorities when it comes to their wedding. Some brides, for example, will be far more concerned about the food being Michelin-star quality than they will about having the perfect dress. On the other hand, some grooms will be set on renting a Bentley as the wedding car, but not so bothered about having a specific bloom in the floral centrepieces.

What’s important, then, is working out as a couple the things you want to splurge on, and the elements you can feasibly DIY. Your wedding planning process will run a whole lot more smoothly if you sort this stuff out at the beginning – believe us!

Start With Stationery

If you’re newer to DIY, then start with a fun, easy project. These days, there are a gazillion downloadable templates you can get online to base your own wedding stationery on. Take inspiration from the favourite invites you’ve received in the past, and create the wedding stationery which tells the story of you and your partner to your guests.

If you’re eco-conscious, you might consider doing away with paper invites altogether and sending out electronic versions, instead. You can customize them in any you want, and you’ll be saving the planet at the same time.

DIY Décor

Décor is one of the simplest ways to personalise your wedding. Not only will making your own place cards, table runners, and wreaths save you a pretty penny in expenses, but it’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your bridesmaids or extended family before the big day.

If you’re stumped for ideas about things to make, Pinterest and Instagram are fantastic sources of inspiration. Just search for the style and colour palette of your dreams, and mock up a mood-board to match. The most important thing is to DIY décor that really reflects you and your partner’s personalities. For example, if it’s the beach you both adore, try driftwood placeholders; if you both love travelling, then make the gazebo a bazaar by decorating it with colourful fabrics and serve canapés of your favourite foods from around the world.

Capture It On Camera

Now that you’ve created a beautiful and personal setting for your wedding, you’d better immortalize it. Recruiting a professional photographer means that your DIY efforts can continue for weeks or even years after your special day, as you’ll be equipped with all the photos you need for scrapbooking, framing, or rendering in another artistic medium that strikes your fancy. May the DIY continue!

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